Meet the Team: Stewart


Meet the Team

What's a better way to start the new year and decade that introducing another fantastic MacBackpackers' guide! This time Stewart reveals why he became a tour guide and his best travel tips. 



Stewart McCulloch


Why did you become a tour guide?

I enjoy exploring Scotland. Scotland vacations were my childhood, so I have a real passion for the country, and when I realised, I could make money from my passion I jumped at the chance.

What’s your favourite Scottish story?

The stories about the Jacobite wars always captured my imagination but at the same time, listening to my grandfather telling folklore stories by the fire always warmed me as much as the flames. I couldn’t possibly pick just one… but hey if you’re reading this, come on tour with me, and you can decide for yourself. 

What’s your favourite MacBackpackers tour?

I’m conflicted between the 3 Day Isle of Skye tour and the 7 Day Best of the West tour. With the 3 day tour from Edinburgh to Skye there are fantastic opportunities to get a taste of what Scotland has to offer and with the 7 day tour is the perfect way to explore the Western Highlands and islands in a chilled-out experience that still offers adventure.

What’s your favourite season to explore Scotland?

Wintertime hands down for me.

Your top three favourite books/podcasts about Scotland?

I’m a sucker for history so: Picts, Gaels and Scots, Alexander III, Celtic Myths

What’s your favourite Scottish food or drink?

Food stovies, drink Irn Bru and the whisky has to be a 21yo port cask finish Balvenie 

If you weren’t a tour guide, what would you do?

If I hadn’t become a guide, I would probably have gone back to construction.

Best travel tip?

The 7 P’s. Prior planning and preparation prevent pish poor performance.



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