Why choose the MacBackpackers coach to tour Scotland?


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Why choose the Macbackpackers coach to tour Scotland?


It was a Monday morning, and I arrived at Glasgow at 2:25 am. It was a long and overnight journey from Victoria Coach Station, London. It was tiring journey despite the lovely roads because the seats could recline only to a certain angle and I had to sit awkwardly throughout the entire coach ride. But, the coach ride was the cheapest means of travelling to Glasgow and cost of the ticket was £12. So upon arriving, I had to wait until 6:30 for my 90-minute coach to Edinburgh which only cost £5.  After reaching Edinburgh, I went straight to the hostel, which was close to the stadium. After taking some rest at the hostel, I ventured out to town to have a glimpse of the city. In the evening, I returned to the hostel to have a good sleep and to ensure I wake up early to go to the MacBackpackers the next day for my 5-day coach tour.

Detailed Itinerary

Day One: Edinburgh – Dunkeld – Highlands – Loch Ness

Setting out on your adventure we will cross the iconic Forth Bridges then get out for a magical forest walk before heading into the Highlands where you’ll hear tales of clan rebellion and get your first glimpse of Highland life. We’ll round the day off with a balmy(?!) swim in Loch Ness while hunting for the elusive Nessie before heading to the Highland capital of Inverness.

Forth Bridges – Dunkeld – Hermitage/Killiecrankie – Culloden – Clava Cairns – Loch Ness – Inverness

Here are some photos from Day One:
On the way to the Forth Bridges, our tour guide stopped by at a bakery to eat and look at the farmer’s market which was open around the corner. So, I went to the market and purchased this fresh strawberry jam and a few strawberries too.

Given a chance, I will definitely live in one of those houses far away from I am standing.

Scottish Highlands

Here is my Spanish coach mate taking a few pictures from the top. He is a gem of a person, very friendly and so was his spouse. He loves photography and using the photoshop extensively.

Oh all of us loved the forest walk and climbing the mountains. Quiet and Peaceful! Wish I could take a stroll here daily.

Well, we did not find the Lochness monster but many of us took a dip in this water bare naked. Right after the dip, we had some whisky to drink too.

We were lucky to see two young men boating and rafting. Just behind us, there was a man sitting at the entrance of this place. He was selling Lochness Monster souvenirs and shared some stories too.


Day Two: Inverness – Torridon – Skye

The adventure continues as we journey over to the West, walking over the Corrieshalloch Gorge and taking in the beautiful scenery and ancient mountains of Torridon before crossing the water to the Isle of Skye! A truly majestic day!

Rogie Falls – Corrieshalloch Gorge – Kinlochewe – Torridon – Eilean Donan Castle – Kyleakin

So, the Dinosaurs were here. Compare your own footprints with those of the Dinosaurs.


I have a strong interest in doors be it because of colours or architecture.

I loved these dustbins, colourful, and each one for a different purpose. The roads were immaculately clean in this area and now you know why.

The Eilean Donan Castle is very beautiful. It is definitely one of the top tourist attractions of Scotland. Read more about the Eilean Donan Castle on Wikipedia. It appeared in the Hollywood movie Braveheart too. The castle became more popular after the movie released.

You will find streams all over Scotland. You must drink that water at least once. It is really tasty.


Oh, our tour guide Ruth was so happy to stop our coach alongside a farm which had plenty of hairy coos. I fell in love with them straightaway. They may look scary because of the horns but they are very friendly. Read more about the hairy coo on my Instagram post.


This is one of the reasons why you one must go on a MacBackpacker coach trip. Ruth took us to this place which we found it so weird and interesting.

People who have been here before have left behind for reasons unknown. From dolls, to lingeries to clothes and accessories, one could find everything there.

This was a beautiful place to stop by and take photos. It is amazing how beautiful nature and Scotland are.

Some of the coach mates were really adventurous. They went up to the top of this hill. One slip, and you could be dead the next moment. But, they took the risks and went us successfully without any help from their mates. A couple of them went and even sat down for a minute or two.

Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye

I can never forget this photo because I stood here for 20 minutes and waited for the dark clouds and blue clouds to come at the same time so the reflection appears on the water. Once  I got to capture those moments, I started taking it with different filters. Soon, it started raining but my wish came true. In photography, one needs patience else the result may not come as expected.

This picture was right after it started raining. If you look closely into the photo, you will notice the water droplets. I caught that by reducing the shutter speed.


Day Three: Isle of Skye

A full day on Skye! The incredible scenery provides a perfect backdrop while your guide fills you in with the local folklore. Spending more time off the bus than on, we will hike up to one of the islands more distinctive rock formations. The views will blow your mind away! An inspiring day on the Winged Isle.

Sligachan – Cuillin Ridge – Portree – The Old Man of Storr – Kilt Rock – Quiraing – Faerie Pools

Liz (from New Zealand) and I (from India) took a stroll near our hostel and found this hairy coo. Could not resist from taking a photo along with it.

Portree, Isle of Skye


Day Four: Skye – Glenfinnan – Glen Coe – Oban

Waving goodbye to Skye we take the ferry off the island (Summertime only) and journey down to the Glenfinnan viaduct (aka the Harry Potter bridge) and the Bonnie Prince Charlie monument on a stunning trip towards Fort William. We’ll re-visit one of Scotland’s darkest moments as we take in the haunting landscape of Glen Coe before heading to Oban.

Armadale – Sands of Morar – Glenfinnan Viaduct (Harry Potter) – Fort William – Glen Coe – Oban

If you visit Oban, you must go to the Oban distillery and also buy a bottle of an Oban 14-year-old Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Oban and Lagavulin are my all time favourite Single Malt Whiskies.
Ruth took us to a pub in Oban and also organised some events for us. We had the local children and choir singing and playing music for us. They even sang in Gaelic, one of the oldest languages in the world. Sadly, a very handful can still speak the language fluently.
Day Five: Argyll – William Wallace Country – Edinburgh

On our final day, we make our way through Argyll and into the Trossachs National Park with the odd Hairy Coo or two! We’ll travel right through the heart of William Wallace country where you’ll hear about Scotland’s fight for independence before heading back to Edinburgh to say some fond farewells.

St. Conan’s Kirk – Kilchurn Castle (Summer months only) – Callander – Doune Castle or Wallace Monument or Bannockburn Battlefield

The above itinerary is not set in stone! Your guide may use their knowledge to modify the itinerary to best suit the Scottish weather & to maximise your experience.

Kilchurn Castle is a ruined 15th and 17th-century structure on a rocky peninsula at the north eastern end of Loch Awe, in Argyll and Bute, Scotland.

Yay, our tour guide Ruth Pennan is so much fun. She loves being adventurous and ensures she makes others around her be that way whilst going on a tour, well at least from what I have experienced.

MacBackpackers have also won the award for Best Coach/Bus tour in the world. I am definitely one of their happiest customers, who enjoyed their 5 Day Isle of Skye and Highlands tour which was one heck of a journey that I will cherish all my life.

Thanks to MacBackpackers and Ruth, our tour guide plus driver plus a wonderful human being. And, I must add saying she’s a truly a Scot. I love her so much for who she is.

Ruth even took us all to The Drover’s Inn, a 300+ years old Scottish Pub, for lunch. The pub had amazing food and service. People can come and stay there too. 

Why you must choose the MacBackpackers:

1. Friendly staff
2. Punctual
3. They take you to some beautiful places
4. Less expensive tour
5. Beautiful hostels to stay in
6. Awesome coach mates

Jumping in Joy


This post first appeared on PritishSocial. The original blog post can be accessed here. Check also PritishSocial on Facebook, @pritishsocial on Instagram and @pritishsocial on Twitter to find out more about his travels.

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