Why experience is the best gift


Why experience is the best gift

We're so ready to explore Scotland again, and we're sure we're not the only ones dreaming about a tour of Scotland at this very moment! But while we still have to wait a wee bit longer, here's our handy guide on how to buy the best gift for any travel addict.

The past weeks and months, the world has been locked down, families and friends haven't been able to spend time together, and travel has stopped. COVID-19 has interrupted our normal day-to-day lives and many things we took for granted, like travelling, are not self-evident anymore. We all have missed important celebrations; birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, etc. It's a challenging time for many of us. However, more than ever during these tough times, we must have something to look forward to; something to dream about.

Now if ever it's essential to concentrate on our well-being and happiness. The research has proven that experiences and good deeds make us happier for a longer time than material things. And after the coronavirus quarantine, it'll feel even better to go to experience new destinations around the world or to return to old favourite places. What's best, you can gift the experience to a friend or family member to share with you, so you can spend quality time together after the travel restrictions are lifted.

Travel is the ultimate memory-maker, even if you wouldn't travel together the recipient of a travel gift will have many unforgettable memories to cherish for a long time after the experience. But it can be hard to give travel gifts to others in the busy world we live in - you don't know when the recipient can take annual leave or if they already have other plans - particularly if you want it to be a surprise. To help you to give the best gift imaginable to your loved ones, we have started to offer travel gift cards

MacBackpackers' gift card is the ultimate experience gift for anyone who loves travel and Scotland. The recipient can book their unforgettable Scotland getaway when it suits them. 

During these uncertain times, we're not sure when we can celebrate those missed birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or graduations, so flexibility is vital. 

Besides, by purchasing a gift card now, you don't only get extra value for money, (Yes, we're topping up the value of every gift voucher purchased before 31st May 2020 by 25%!) but you also help small, independent travel businesses and other experience providers. As you might know, small businesses really suffer because of the lockdown, and tourism and hospitality, unfortunately, is the sector worst affected by the pandemic and travel restrictions. 

MacBackpackers' gift cards can be used to book any tour and/or accommodation during the tour, and besides our fantastic hostels around Scotland have decided to offer gift cards during these unprecedented times if you're planning a trip to Scotland in the next couple of years, why not to buy a gift card to one of our hostels in Edinburgh at the same time. You can buy gift cards for Castle Rock Hostel, High Street Hostel or Royal Mile Backpackers here.

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