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At MacBackpackers we continually strive to be the best in the business and we love it when customers leave us comments – here are a few of our favourites...

  • Mattias Lybäck said...

    3 day Loch Ness and Isle of Skye (Guide: Neil): If you are planning to spend a week in Scotland and want to see a bit more than just Edinburgh, I would definitively recommend that you use the opportunity to go on a tour with MacBackpackers. The tourguide (Neil M in our case) is world-class, the minibus is of high standard, the accomodation is good if you are used to hostels, and the country itself is of course breathtaking. Besides the incredibly beautiful scenery, the best thing about the trip was all the storys and legends you got to hear. Neil is an amazing storyteller, and a good singer too (We particulary liked the song about Flora MacDonald)! :) All in all, the 3-day tour is of course a bit too short if you really want to experience the country in depth, but if you only got a week to spend in Scotland, a 3 day-tour with MacBackpackers in 3 days extremely well spent, both "time and money-wise". 5/5

  • 'Neha Singh said...

    I took 3 days tour package of Loch Ness and Isle of Skye and it was AMAZING!! Scotland is so beautiful and serene. I had an amazing time during the three days of the tour. The service provided by the team of Macbackees is very very good and they are always ready to help. The Hostels are also pretty good. they are safe, cosy and hygenic. Esp. the Loch ness Hostel is outstanding. I would say one of the best hostel i have ever been. I really loved the view!! Our bus driver cum tour guide cum story teller..:) Neil is an amazing guy. I was amazed to see how efficiently he was driving as well as narrating so many stories and his playlist- simply Amazing. I dont thing i can write enough Amazing in this review to describe my experience. Guys, i highly recommend this tour package. Team Macbackees- YOU ROCK!! CHEERS.. :)

  • Mirelle said...

    What an amazing 5 days! This doesn't even feel like a "tour" in the traditional sense, but more like a bunch of awesome people road tripping around the picturesque Scottish Highlands. Our guide Richard was so knowledgeable and full of stories. He goes above and beyond to make sure that you experience all that Scotland has to offer. Also I wouldn't miss doing the Ceilidh dancing! You'll miss going on this tour when it's over. Highly recommend.

  • Emma said...

    I'm actually from Scotland but I booked the 3 day isle of Skye tour with my Canadian buddy. I've never visited Skye or many of the lochs and mountains on the way up to Skye.... It was amazing!

    The tour guide, Neil was fun, friendly, and hugely passionate and knowldgable about Scotland. Neil often used his expertise of the area to make suggestions to the group on what we would like to do... So it was massively flexible and this made the whole trip feel really relaxed and personalised.

    I've been on many tours and can safely say that this is the best one I've been on. I came back with so much knowledge and it was great fun.

    Unbelievable scenery in Skye. You're there for a night and a full day so it's a good amount of time to feel like youve experienced it, but if you have the extra time book the 5 day to see more, why not? :)

    Thank you so much again!

  • Louise Gale said...

    Best experience! Was shown some of the most beautiful and breathtaking landscapes that Scotland has to offer and with the best bunch of people. Richard our guide was a legend who knew how to tell a story and was passionate about his country which I loved! Would recommend to anyone who wants the true Scottish experience!

  • Thomas Andolf said...

    I usually travel the world alone, and in hopes of meeting new people i booked a 3 day trip to Isle of Sky with the MacBackpacker Crew. The trip superseded all my expectations. Our Tour guide (Dave) was hilarious, interacted with us, played games with us and told us so much about Scottish history in a funny and hilarious way. I meet so much funny and new friends for life, and i'd recommend anyone to book a trip with them!

  • Tessa said...

    The 3 days Isle of Skye tour was fantastic! The highlands are beautiful (and we were so lucky with the weather)! Our tour guide (Richard) could tell us a lot about the environment, the culture, the history and the people of the highlands, which made the tour even more interesting and entertaining. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone wishing to experience the beautiful Highlands of Scotland! However, next time we will go with the seven days tour, because 3 days were not enough!

  • Ali said...

    The three day Isle of Sky and Loch Ness tour was amazing! Our guide Dave was really great and he knew his stuff. It was definitely geared toward a younger crowd (20's and 30's) with the fun facts and colorful language. It was a trip of a lifetime. I learned so much about Scottish history and current events, I felt like I should have kept a notebook to jot stuff down! I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone looking to see some of the most beautiful sights in the country (and in my opinion - the whole world). Dave even gave us a brief tour of Edinburgh when we were driving back into the city. The MacBackpackers group is fun, safe, and knowledgeable. I stayed in the hostels in Edinburgh all five nights I was there after the tour. It really felt like a little community and I hung out with the people I met on the tour for the rest of my time in Scotland. So awesome!

  • Ashleigh Cameron said...

    Tim was fantastic! really knew his stuff and it made the whole trip even more interesting, showed us some pretty incredible places and even tailored the tour so we could check out the Glenfinnan Viaduct which was amazing! Highly recommend, although 3 days wasn't nearly enough! Thanks Macbackpackers!

  • Isabelle Massé said...

    We went on a 3 day-tour with Dave (Loch ness and Isle of skye) and it was perfect! Everything that we did and that we saw was beautiful and the guide, Dave, was really funny and really interesting! He knows a million stories about Scotland! We recommand this tour and this guide 100%! :)

  • Cecilia said...

    Tour review – highly recommended!

    Content advisory: taking this tour may cause a need to take it again, and again, and again.

    We took the 3 day Loch Ness and Isle of Skye tour with the fantastic Graeme. It was simply the best tour ever, and our 24 students agreed that it was the greatest part of our once- in-a-lifetime adventure in Scotland. The places we visited were incredible, and the stories we heard from Graeme contributed to creating the perfect atmosphere for our trip. Not only did he give us the chance to stop for pics at amazing spots but he also adapted the trip to our needs, taking us to enjoy picnics in breath-taking landscapes, and got us all hooked with his entertaining stories about highlanders, and interesting facts about the country we were so eager to know! The hostels we stayed in were cosy and comfy, and all the people we met in the way were so friendly. We simply fell in love with the Highlands, and we will definitely come back!! Ceci & Nori, Argentina

  • Carli said...

    This trip was awesome! I went earlier this month with a friend, and we were in a group with 20 or so other people from around the world. Pretty diverse mix of countries, ages, travel experiences, and so on. Dave was tour guide and bus driver, and he was enthusiastic and hilarious. The bus was spacious and clean; there was a lot of time spent on the bus (particularly on the first and last days of the trip), but this was a very enjoyable bus in terms of spending time on the bus. The hot pink velvet detailing didn't hurt, either. The itinerary was a lot more flexible than I anticipated, and Dave adapted his ideas based on our interests and the weather forecast. The highlands and Skye are beautiful!!! I enjoyed seeing everything, both out the windows (when on the bus) and on the ground (when we stopped). There were viewing and photo stops, as well as activity stops (walks, light hikes, cafe/grocery time, etc.). Dave also added to the experience by sharing many Scottish folk tales, lots of Scottish history, and playing traditional Scottish music on the bus. The accommodation in Kyleakin was beautiful - well-located, comfortable, and with friendly staff who helped coordinate logistics and kitchen time. Thanks, all, for an awesome first MacBackpackers tour experience!

  • Laurajd5 said...

    I just went on the 5 day highland charge tour with a great group of people and the best guide ever. The tour itself was great, all the places we visited were amazing. Isle of Skye, hiking in highlands and rafting are definite highlights. Graeme our guide really made the tour, though as his knowledge, humour and stories made the trip unforgettable. I thank him for making the tour the best!

  • Lena S said...

    I had a wonderful time with the MacBackpackers. It was my first time in Scotland and I expected it to be good but I was amazed HOW good it turned out to be.... The tour guide was amazing. He was funny, well-read and an exceptional storyteller. He made this trip to an absolutely unforgettable experience. And yes, I will definitely come back to Scotland!

  • Stephspencer said...

    If your lucky enough to get Ruthie as a tour guide you'll have the best time. She truly made the trip fun and exciting and I enjoyed every minute of her story telling :) will be coming back to Scotland and MacBackpackers :)

  • AlexandreSGuerra said...

    Simply the best tour I’ve taken in all my trip through UK! Richard was our guide. Very funny guy and have lots of good histories and facts to say. If you have doubts about going on this tour, I tell you not to. It’s a hell of a day trip.

  • ZingTan said...

    Tour guide/driver Duncan is a very good story teller! His stories about Scotland range from folk tales to histories. Very entertaining and very amusing indeed. Destinations are mostly adventurous & suitable for anyone who likes to explore green and takes amazing pictures! Accommodations are clean and cheap, nice kitchen facilities. Overall an exciting trip.

  • Ashley A said...

    Had a fantastic tour! The day was well worth the early morning. So much was able to be seen and done. My tour guide, Richard, was really fun and kept the tour entertaining with a good chat and laugh. I was really happy with the amount of information on the history and stories about the areas. Recommend it to anyone travelling either alone or with someone.

  • Red Grey Beard said...

    If you have a sense of adventure and want to see the Highlands this is the tour for you. It was a very entertaining tour with a lot of wonderful people whom I will never forget. There was some breathtaking scenery, many quaint little communities on the route....

  • Courtz1509 said...

    Awesome all round trip. Good accommodation, awesome tour guide, NEIL!!!! Beautiful country and great company.

  • Laura G said...

    Such amazing value for the money, and one of the best things is that most of the attractions they take you to don't cost anything, and lots of budget options for food as well. Great choice if you're a young person who wants to see Scotland on a budget. Probably the best tour guide I've ever met as well, incredibly knowledgeable as well as ridiculously entertaining...

  • Erin D said...

    A really easy and affordable way to see a good chunk of Scotland with all the history explained in a very interesting and interactive way by our awesome guide Ruthie.

  • irom said...

    The best guided tour we have ever experienced. It was a very rich tour, as in two days we managed to see every important part of the central Highlands. The explanations and the stories of our guide Neil McLennan were the most enjoyable thing. Great value for money!

  • Michelle Munster said...

    MacBackpackers is amazing! I have done two tours this year. The 5day Highland and Skye fling in the summer and the christmas capers tours! Both fantastic! Was feeling very homesick at christmas but when you travel with MacBackpackers you become family! Best of all they're a Scottish owned and operated company! will recommend them to EVERYONE!

  • Hannah O'Neill said...

    Best Christmas ever!!! I had such an awesome time on the Christmas tour, the people on the tour were fantastic and Graeme was an excellent guide!

    I did a Hogmanay tour straight after this one with another Scottish tour company and


    MacBackpackers was soo much better - seriously :) 

    Anyone thinking of touring Scotland needs to do at least one of these tours :)

  • Tatiana Peneveyre said...

    amazing week, one of the best holidays i've ever had so far! thank you to all the lovely hostel staff and our amazing guide! cant wait to do another tour with you! (once i recover from this one.... might take some time...^^) big THANK YOU

  • Kamen Liu said...

    I've joined the 3-day Skye tour and it is AWESOME!!!!!!! I MISS the tour guides and the place so much! 101 marks, I would give!

  • Steph said...

    WOW! Thats my first reaction to this amazing tour by MacBackpackers. I went along the 5 day Highland Fling and Isle of Skye trip with Mark as our guide. He was funny, knowledgable and made the tour so much fun! The best tour I have been on thus far, all because of the great atmosphere of Mark and the tour. There was never a dull moment, as bus rides were for stories and history, and each place we stopped was magical, and having Mark along to explain the importance of each site as well as tips for walking and eating were greatly appreciated. Thanks macbackpackers, I look forward to going on another tour very soon!

  • EePei Eow said...

    Just came back from the 3-day Skye tour and I gotta say, it was one of the best trips i've ever taken. Scotland is simply awe-inspiring. IMHO, it made all the difference that we had really amazing and capable guides: Neil & Craig. They were wacky, interesting and more importantly, these guys knew what they were talking about. And above all, their passion for everything Scottish was truly, truly inspiring. I enjoyed the story-telling sessions tremendously. Great job, guys!

  • Jac Dinnan said...

    When I hear someone is going to Scotland, I always suggest they go on tour with the clan from MacBackpackers, truly worth every cent or pence! Get amongst it!

  • Warren Brandon said...

    Wow! Scotland is beautiful, quirky, brutal and loving. Our guide Neil, was such a great guy, telling stories that really touched, not only our intellect, but our hearts too! He helped us all relax and enjoy the trip, straight away! I never knew getting on a bus and hearing a Scottish accent so early in the morning would make my day, but it did :) I fully recommend this trip for anyone wanting to tour through a wild, rugged place, full of warm hearted, welcoming folk, who are very proud of their country. Just do it!

  • Cassie Stewart said...

    Scotland= AWESOME! Tour guide Craig= sooooo much fun!! Cant forget our driver Neil either of course! You guys have the best stories..i LOVE them (especially the long versions)
    This tour has been fantastic..cant recommend the 5 Day Highland Fling more with these guys :)

  • KlareKrazyKiwi said...

    Fantastic! I have done another's tour in Ireland and this one far surpassed that both in value for money and the great times to be had! Our guide Richard was so knowledgeable about the area and the history and I found myself enthralled the entire 3 days. If you have a few spare days and are wondering what to do... pick this!

  • Rita Zhang said...

    Best tour ever in my life~~Greame is reeeeally awesome, interesting story and music, amazing sightseeing as well. I will definitely recommend him and MACBACKPACKERS to every friend. The trip is kinda turning me to Scottish. LOL~~

  • Carla S. Bermudez said...

    After travelling for 2 months around Europe I can say that Scotland were the best country!!!!. The tour "5 Day Skye and Highland Fling", exceeded my expectations. The places, the stories, the new friends and Graeme (our guide) were amazing....I will come back...definitly!!!! ....Whop-whop!

  • Lil said...

    One of the best tours ever!...Neil was brilliant! Informative (not just of his own culture, history, geography, lore, but also of the numerous countries represented), hilarious, accommodating ( not an easy task for a group), flexible, took the time to understand what was important to make the trip special for each individual, and did his absolute best (above and beyond)...he is masterful at controlling the weather :)

  • Olivia10129 said...

    Excellent tour with excellent guide - Graeme! Scotland is so beautiful and i know now, that this tour was the best way to explore it.... Everything was well-planned yet spontaneous and relaxed and with enough free time. Looking at the reviews it seems that everybody who have been on the tour, thinks that they got the best tour-guide (so do i:-)....They are passionate about what they do!

  • Scott M said...

    This tour guide Richard belongs on his own television show. His journey was historically informative and witty, yet blended with the appropriate degree of solemnity when required. Depending on the massacre. Free of charge, he even threw in some decent Scottish weather. Many on this trip have made friends for life. People, sign yourselves up for this tour, you won't be disappointed!!!

  • Lovetotraveltheworl said...

    This was our first tour and it was amazing! Our guide Richard had a story and legend that helped you connect with the history and took us to hidden and great Scottish treasures! We highly recommend this company for anyone looking for a great tour of the isle of Skye!

  • Ann B said...

    Half of the experience is based on the Scottish tour guide with all the amazing stories and great sense of humour!! A real Scottish experience. I enjoyed every single day and I'll definitely do it again :)

  • Cynthia C said...

    I just came back from the 5 days highland charge tour and I just can't wait to go back there! I have decided to move from London to Edinburgh after this trip! This is how in love I am with Scotland right now lol!

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